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5-Day Clubs!

During the summer, in order to ensure the children can still receive good Bible teaching and safe fun, one of our key ministries is 5-Day clubs®. These clubs are held in the months of July and August. Clubs are held Monday through Friday for an hour and a half each day and are taught by trained adults and teens using a planned set of Bible lessons, Bible verses, songs, and missionary stories. Churches use this program by having families of the church host a club in their yard or on their deck. Many times a light refreshment is provided by the host. Children are invited to receive salvation in Christ and are encouraged to attend church. The churches are encouraged to contact the families following the week of clubs. Clubs may also be held inside the host’s homes, at parks, or inside a church. It is dependent on the host of the club, as to where and when it will be.

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Christian People In Action!

CPIA is a summer program for ages 13 and up! It begins with training, and leads to teaching children in 5-Day Clubs throughout the summer. During the training you are taught how to teach songs, missionary stories, Bible verses, Bible lessons, the wordless book, how to council children for salvation.

As a participant of the summer training program, it is our responsibility to fully equip you to teach in the summer clubs.

Benefits of Summer Ministry:

  • Boys and girls are reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Children’s lives are changed as they begin to grow in God’s Word.
  • You are following God’s command in “preaching the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)
  • Each summer missionary’s skills are sharpened in areas of communication, teamwork, endurance, and responsibility. You gain experience, which equips you for active service in the local church and CEF ministry.

Summer Ministry Requirements:

  • Each summer missionary assumes the role of a missionary by raising support or volunteering his or her time for ministry.
  • The age requirement to be a Christian People In Action summer missionary is 15 and older.
  • You may be an Assistant Club Teacher (ACT) summer missionary if you are 13 or 14 years old.

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Wonderzone is a fun place for children to learn more about the Bible from the comfort of their own home. There are daily devotionals, games, activities, missionary stories, and so much more! They have an opportunity ask a trail guide questions for personal spiritual growth. It is an amazing opportunity

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