Adopt A School!

Simpson Elementary School

Simpson Elementary School

Child Evangelism Fellowship has a program where churches, like yours, have an opportunity to “adopt” a local elementary school. CEF® of Delaware will work to train a group of adults to go into a school and run a Good News Club. CEF of Delaware will assist your church in its club’s beginning weeks. When your church’s team feels strong enough to lead the club on its own, CEF of Delaware will step aside and allow your church to run it on its own.

If your church or a group of people may be interested in adopting a school, please contact us.

For more information, visit our International Headquarters Website regarding our “adopt” a school program.

Hosting Clubs!

Our two largest ministries involve our Good News Clubs and our 5-Day Clubs. In order to successfully reach the boys and girls, who do not attend church, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is important to have the help and assistance of other adults. We need the help of people like yourself to give us a meeting place with the children. Although our Good News Clubs primarily meet in public schools, they are not restricted to those locations. If you or your church would like to personally host a Good News Club or a 5-Day Club please fill out a contact form.

Teacher Training!

Teaching Children Effectively 1

We also have a 30-hour college level course that teaches the very specific method of teaching that Child Evangelism Fellowship incorporates into its lesson plans. This course is also one of the classes offered in the full diploma program, which is available through the Children’s Ministries Institute located at our international headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri.